PRIVATE coaching

+ All successful working actors know...that coaching is a must, no matter how talented they are. You can't just be a good enough actor and hope for the best. You need to become the expert on what you are talking about, for this particular role.  Make specific, clear, and clean choices based on what the text is asking of you. 


+ James' clients, of varying skill levels, have achieved extreme success... booking hundreds of top roles in film, television and theater.  No matter if it's an audition or actually filming on set, your preparation is what makes you confident and strong, so you can be seen in your very best form.

+ Private Coaching session can be made with James daily. You may also choose to have a private coaching(s) in place of a regular group acting class.  Please feel free to contact James to set up a date, time, and rate(s).


1 HOUR   =  $125.00

45 MINS   =  $  90.00

30 MINS   =  $  60.00

15 MINS   =  $  30.00


current students receive a discounted rate on all coaching sessions 


+ Call:  310-396-0584 to set up an appointment.


+ E-mail:  Forward your sides and breakdown ahead of time to --


                     +  Each coaching starts at the time you reserved, (not whenever you arrive.)

                     + If you need to cancel or change - you must give James at least 15 hours notice prior to your scheduled time.



Fill Out Prior to Your First Session

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